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Kenneth Rose, Ph.D.



e-mail: mail@kenrose.us 

  • Objective analyses of issues related to the electric power supply industry
  • Reports, papers, briefings, and presentations on electric supply industry issues
  • Tutorials, onsite training, and presentations
  • Market power and market monitoring analysis
  • Analysis of retail and wholesale market performance
  • Analysis of other issues related to electric industry restructuring, regulation, and deregulation


 The rapid changes in the electric supply industry in recent years have produced both opportunities and hazards for consumers, producers, and others. Many in the industry have been working to secure the promised benefits of replacing regulation of utilities with competitive markets. While some results have been favorable, unfortunately, other policy changes have not always resulted in the intended outcomes. This clearly remains a time of both peril and opportunity in the industry, one that requires practical, hardheaded, and honest analyses. My goal is to provide high quality and timely analyses on topics related to the electric power supply industry to help policy makers and others avoid the hazards and provide insights to work toward the opportunities.

Contact information:

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email (same as before): mail@kenrose.us

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